Islam Unravelled Anti-Racism Initiative​

Islam Unravelled is the Official Faith-Based Convener for anti-Racism initiatives in the Province of British Columbia, working in partnership with  Resilience BC. We are an anti-racist interfaith education and engagement initiative that specializes in dismantling barriers, racism, prejudice, and discrimination against Muslims or other religious or racial groups, through innovative educational, engagement, and technological programs. 

National Indigenous Peoples Day - 2021

World Refugee Day - 2021

Saving Our Planet: Faith In Action - World Environment & World Oceans Day - 2021

National Day of Remembrance of the Quebec City Mosque Attack and Action Against Islamophobia - 2021

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination - 2021

Transnational Forum on the Threat of White Supremacy and Memorial for the Christchurch, NZ Mosque Shootings

Canadian Multifaith Initiative to Stop Uyghur Genocide (A Coalition of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Groups)

Powerful Women: International Women's Day -2021

Celebration of Black Lives and Hidden History - 2021

What We Do

Organizational Training

Training workshops for school, education boards, law enforcement agencies, government agencies and non-government organizations.

Interfaith Engagement

Interfaith engagement with religious and cultural organizations towards reducing barriers in engaging with faith communities.


Programs for students, community leaders, and government workers on anti-racism how to deal and interact with Muslims and other minorities on a daily basis


Partnerships which facilitate community engagement with law enforcement, social institutions, and government officials.


Helping women and children to effectively counter and protect themselves from acts of violence or online hate


Utilizing the latest in technological innovation towards making a safer and peaceful environment for all Canadians online

What our Partners say

"I’m so excited for Islam British Columbia's Interfaith Community Convener"
"We believe that Islam Unraveled is an important program for our community which benefits society at large."

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