RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and Educational Group, Islam Unravelled, Partner Up to Combat Hate Motivated Crime

A Joint Educational Initiative

Islam Unravelled, with support from the British Columbia RCMP, is creating an educational and awareness platform for British Columbia’s communities. This collaborative initiative will serve as a resource to provide sound information and answer important questions raised around Islam and Muslims today. The stakeholders in this initiative feel that lack of knowledge and misunderstandings lead to the phenomenon referred to as ‘Islamophobia’. This is a set of views, beliefs and behavior that may result in various forms of hate-motivated crimes ranging from harassment and violent threats to vandalism and physical aggression.

In today’s current socio-political environment, it is education that will play a major role in disseminating correct information, removing stereotypes and creating a sense of understanding that will lead to harmonious co-existence.

“The RCMP is committed to providing the highest quality of service to the diverse communities we serve. Our employees promote safe homes and safe communities through culturally sensitive, unbiased and respectful treatment for all peoples in Canada.” – Superintendent John Brewer, Officer in Charge: Enhanced Community and Aboriginal Policing Services

***”We believe that accurate information and meaningful dialogue are key to an environment of understanding and respect in society. Islam Unravelled is committed to serving as a resource of authentic information and education for Canadian communities and organizations.”
Mufti Aasim Rashid, co-founder Islam Unravelled and Founder Al-Ihsan Educational Foundation****

Programs Planned for All Communities

The partnership will focus on developing and implementing educational programs for the general public institutions and first responders. Joint presentations will be conducted at mosques to educate Muslim communities about hate-motivated crimes, and the procedures that should be followed in such circumstances.

A similar joint program, C.A.V.E. (Campaign Against Violent Extremism) was conducted by Aasim Rashid in collaboration with the RCMP, in which public lectures and Q&A sessions were conducted at post-secondary institutions and public libraries to address the issue of terrorism and radicalization.

About Islam Unravelled

Islam Unravelled (In cooperation of Al-Ihsan Educational Foundation- a registered non- profit organization) is an educational project which aims to combat discrimination, bigotry and hatred in all their forms. The focus is to conduct concise educational seminars and presentations on Islam for Canadian communities and organizations. We openly present an accurate account of Islamic beliefs, values and practices and provide opportunities to ask questions. Our team consists of volunteers and subject-matter experts, and together with our community and government partners, we strive to have a society where all faiths and ethnicities are dealt with a sense of understanding and respect. The view of mainstream Islam is broadly conveyed through these programs, and sect-based polemics are not a topic of discussion.

Visit www.islamunravelled.ca for more information, schedule of upcoming seminars, videos of previous programs.

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