About Us


  • To facilitate correct understanding of Islam and Muslims in Western society through educational programs.


  • Present seminars, workshops and orientations to groups of government personnel, service providers or corporations that deal and interact with Muslims.


  • We are a group of volunteers endeavoring to present a positive and accurate image of Islamic beliefs, values and practices.
  • We conduct our work with a spirit of compassion, courtesy and unity.
  • We present a clear account of mainstream Islamic teachings based on the Quran, prophetic teachings and applications as per the consensus of authentic Islamic scholarship over the centuries. We will also work to clear misunderstandings regarding Islam and Muslims, in both a general and issue-specific context.
  • While we may need to distinguish mainstream Islamic teachings from other interpretations and views, we do not engage in polemics, debates, or sect-based refutations.
  • Our work is not biased toward or against any political party or affiliation, local or abroad.