A Brief History

Founded in 2016, Islam Unravelled was initially focused on addressing anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamophobia by unravelling false narratives surrounding Muslims and Islam.



Our anti-racism work and allyship over the last 5 years has significantly broadened our mission scope to include faith, racial, and ethnic communities. Only by standing for one another can we overcome hate.



We have specialized in dismantling barriers that arose from racism prejudice and discrimination, through innovative educational, engagement, and technological programs and projects. 


The organization strives to foster equitable opportunities communities in BC and Canada by unravelling racist narratives and by building understanding through education and engagement.


We began our mission by engaging government agencies, social services bodies, academic institutions, interfaith communities, and other private and public institutions, forming partnerships to further the common cause of peaceful relations and mutual understanding in Canada. Since then our scope, collaborations and the scale of our projects have vastly increased.


Islam Unravelled Anti-Racism Initiative is a program of Al-Ihsan Educational Foundation based in Surrey, BC.


Our Mission is Clear

Islam Unravelled works from an intersectional perspective to help end discrimination, racism, hate, and violence directed towards faith, racial, or ethnic communities.

We accomplish this through educational programs, training workshops, engagement activities, allyship, and technological innovation.

Our Vision

We envision a country where every one is free from experiencing discrimination, racism, bigotry, hate, and violence. We see a peaceful country where all communities can equitably participate in, and contribute to, society.