Countering Islamophobia: Know Your Muslim Neighbor Workshop

An Islam Unravelled Program for elementary schools, high schools, school boards, and educators.

Islam Unravelled school workshops


This workshop explores how Islamophobia is impacting our students and schools.

We start by introducing participants to the ancient, diverse, and global history of Muslim cultures.

This is followed by an overview of the term Islamophobia and an exploration of some common myths about Islam and Muslims.We will then explore how Muslim students are impacted by the negative public discourses about their faith.
This workshop provides real world examples,skills, and recommendations for participants to promote equity and inclusion in schools and to ensure schools and classrooms remain safe environments for all.

Length of Workshop

1-2 hours

Delivery Format

This program can be offered in a classroom setting or separately to instructors and administrators


  • Overview of the rich history and diversity of Muslim cultures
  • How Muslim women are empowered in society
  • Similarities between Islam and other faiths
  • Overview of how bias and discrimination work
  • Understanding Islamophobia
  • Looking at hate crime trends and statistics
  • Explore current school board trends
  • Looking at qualitative research on the impact of Islamophobia on students
  • How you can better interact with Muslims regardless of the position you hold in an educational setting
  • Intersectionality: strategies to support Muslim students and create inclusive classrooms for everyone
  • Exploring real-world examples with practical skills training

Why is this program important?

The number of physical and mental Islamophobic attacks on Muslims are increasing day by day. Educating tomorrow's leaders is the most effective way to ensure the generations to come in Canada and across the globe can grow up in a peaceful and accepting world.